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Everyday we have to perform repetitive task. It will save us time and prevent error, when we automate it.

I used Autohotkey for automation and provide simple examples for your testing at this webpage.
The script sample.aht can be download here.


  send, RobinLow {tab}   
  sleep 1000            
  send, aTerb35z        

Example 1

Login to application is a common task that that we perform everyday. Usually we will key in login ID follow by password .

Below routine will trigger when user hold the WindowKey follow by 1 Key.
Make sure cursor is at username text box before you trigger about routine
You need to install autohotkey inorder to run sample.aht. On
the other hand you may copy below code to
your own aht script.

Please ensure that the scirpt is running before you try on
below examples.

Warning: Use it at your own risk
Example 2

Below example show you how to type the same email reply many times during the day.


  send, Hi{enter}{enter}
  send, We have unlocked your ID. Please try to login again.
  send, {enter}{enter}
  send, Thanks{enter}
  send, Robin Low


Make sure cursor is at below text area before you trigger WindowKey and 2
Example 3

This script can be modify to launch websites that you visit often.
WindowKey and number 3 Key to trigger




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